Kristi’s Freebirth Story of Baby#3

First UP/UC, First Son (Third Child) born on 8/6/2008

Contractions began on July 13th (around 37wks). They came and went for several days and were between 3-11 minutes apart, but lasted only a few hours. The prodromal labor continued on the 26th, the 29th with bloody show, our EDD of the 30th came and went, and August 2nd brought more progress that left me at 2-3cm dilated.

As August 5th came and went, a quick progression from 3cm to 5cm and a
smaller gap between contractions occurred but again, ceased by evening. This left me joking on August 6 that I’d never have this baby, but the Lord put Isaiah 66:9 on my heart which reads, “‘Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?’ says the LORD. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?’ says your God.” I chuckled at myself and again trusted in His perfect timing.

As I labored all day on the 6th, contractions varying between 4 and 20 minutes apart, I talked with my sister all throughout it to keep myself distracted. We laughed and she kept me accountable to continue to trust in God’s plan. When 5pm came, my contractions became achy and I wanted to be alone so I laid down, still chatting with my sister on the phone. We talked about videotaping it, perhaps using the tub, things to keep in mind after baby came, considered emergency situations, and more. I was still able to talk through the second half of each contraction after the peak passed.

Following 6pm, the contractions went from lasting about a minute to lasting about a minute and a half and I could no longer talk through any of it, but they were still varying between 4 and 20 minutes apart and not very painful. I decided that when they were 4-5 minutes apart that I would fill the tub. After an hour, I had a contraction that left me wondering if I should try to go to the bathroom but was 7 minutes following the last one. Then another came that left me claiming the promises of God for a pain-free birth.

I then let my sister go and went to use the bathroom because of the pressure I felt. While I sat there, I noticed trickling and noticed my water broke. I had the urge to push and thought I was eliminating waste so I relaxed and allowed my body to push (because it hurt when I held back) and more fluid pushed its way through. I hollered for my husband down the hallway to tell him that my water had broke and he said “Wow, that’s convenient!”

It was now 7:30 so I told my husband to call my sister back to let her know that my waterbroke and I wouldn’t be calling her back right away. He also got our two and four year old daughters into their
beds. I continued to feel the urge to push and as long as I was, I felt no pain. I figured it would be in the next day or two that this baby would be joining us and began to get very excited!

Suddenly, I realized my urges to push were not to have a bowel movement!! I hollered for my husband that I was feeling pushy and asked him to get the shower curtains onto the floor so I could transition to the daybed in the living room. I checked my cervix and while doing so, I dilated from 5 to 10cm and began effacing.

I again hollered for him to come back in and told him “I’m pushing and I think I’m just going to stay here.” He laughed and joked how his baby’s first experience would be a swirly. I laughed and shook my head at his silliness. “On the floor goober!” So we laughed and he came to help me to the daybed but the contractions were on top of each other and moving my legs from the squat position was the only time I felt pain.

I explained to him that I was waiting for the contraction to end but it wasn’t happening. He exclaimed how fast that was as he rushed to keep our daughters in their room (I’m sure they were antsy and wondering what the commotion was).

My water burst and baby’s head was fully engaged and crowning – it was time for babe to come out! I hollered for my husband to come back, that the head was right there. I got up to sit on the floor, and he came running in to help me to the floor then  asked if I wanted a pillow. He ran back out to get one, only for me to holler that the baby’s head was coming out – there is no time!!! He ran back in and threw the pillow behind me. Propped up on one hand I was in tears of laughter at all of this coming together.

I felt the baby’s head bulging through and I was tense against it in a moment of fear and then reminded myself to relax. As I did, without even a push, the head started coming out and before my husband could finish telling me how great I was doing, my body gently eased the baby out and the head came through. My husband was in utter shock at how easy that was for me! I propped myself up with both hands and I again relaxed and felt the rest of the baby slide out like jiggly jello into Daddy’s hands. I heard him exclaim how much faster that was than our previous births as I felt the relief of having just given birth to our baby.

Our sweet baby’s soft cry permeated the air around us. I
I rested the baby’s bottom on the floor (that was covered in a sheet and a puppy pad) as I held the upper body in my hand and we looked at each other at the craziness of what just happened. It was all in a matter of 30 minutes (but felt like 5), and we were holding our baby in just 5-10 minutes after we “knew” it was time. I realized we didn’t know their gender and looked down. I looked up and said “it’s a boy!” and we both cried and laughed at the amazement and awe of all of what just happened.

I held him close as my husband got the girls up to meet their brother. We were all so excited and laughing and celebrating. I wiped him down and rubbed his back as his color got brighter and then massaged the vernix into his skin. It was at this point when my husband helped me
to the daybed where we loved on our newest addition to the family. I nursed him as my husband called to let all the grandparents know as well as my sister, his brother, our cousin, and his aunt, that we just welcomed our son into our arms.

About an hour later I delivered the placenta into a bowl and I got into bed, nursing him again, still in utter awe that we had a son. When he was 2 hours old and the cord was no longer pulsating, we cut it and got him all snuggled up and cozy. “I can no longer say ‘the girls’ when referring to my children,” I whispered to my husband as his face was close to mine. We were nestled together for another hour before I laid him in his bed and he drifted into a quiet sleep.

I couldn’t sleep… I was so in awe. I called my sister back to tell her all about it and we both marveled at how fast it all happened. It was truly a beautiful experience; raw, real, personal, and fun. No poking, no suggestions, no tests, no monitors… we were immediately comfortable and got plenty of rest that night, now a family of five.

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