Top 5 Resources for Planning an Unassisted Birth

What does having a planned unassisted birth mean to me? Simply, it means the parents believe in and trust themselves and their baby’s ability to birth, realize birth is not a medical event, and are looking for the most undisturbed birth setting with as few unnecessary stressors and interventions as possible to gently welcome their child into the world. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Who attends an unassisted birth? Some women feel innately called to birth on their own with their child. Others desire to share that intimate, transformative moment with their partner, families, or close friends, without strangers in their private space. Basically though, it means there isn’t a medical professional present in the room at the time of birth.

How should you plan for an unassisted birth? It’s a highly personal event and is specific to each unique mother and birth. You might seek out medical prenatal care, do your own, or delve within, just going with the flow and beauty of nature. Planning an informed unassisted birth could mean lots of research, taking courses on emergency situations, or perhaps just being calm about the whole process and having a good back up plan. Or a combination of the two. If this isn’t your first UC, unassisted childbirth, you probably already feel that powerful trust in yourself and your baby and won’t need much more than a refresher to extinguish any nagging pre-birth fears. You’ll grow and bond with your baby during your pregnancy and be ready to meet him or her on the big day! Personally, I think it would be wonderful if everyone could mentally prepare for an unassisted birth, just in case, no matter what they’re deciding to do. Because, in all reality, any birth can be an accidental, unassisted birth and taking responsibility for your own care, owning everything, really makes a person consider everything just that much more.

So! You’re here and reading my post, which probably means you’re planning your own unassisted birth. Awesome! And congratulations on your pregnancy! There is a ton of information out there on how to prepare, all of which is easily available if you just look for it. I’ve tried to make it even easier by compiling what I thought was helpful in one spot.

In no particular order, these are the top preparation tips and resources in my book to make your journey as stress-free as possible:

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