The Freebirth of Marlena

“At 40 weeks 5 days I turned to music and solitude.

It wasn’t easy with four little ones,but I managed to squeeze in an hour or so in the afternoon and a couple of hours every night.
I used my cell phone and a pair of headphones,tuned into a Pandora Channel “Instrumental music” and closed my eyes.

*I visualized my baby being born.
*I imagined a flower-like blooming event with my baby in the center.
*I pictured my baby emerging,floating out of my body.
*I prayed for a safe,joyous and powerful birth.
*I read and focused on the affirmations that were taped to my wall next to my ready birth pool.
*I wasn’t coming from a place of fear or doubt….I just wanted peace so that I could be ready for my baby to be born.”

<<To read the rest of this article, click here>>

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