Unassisted Homebirth: A Father’s Story

“Then we got close to delivery (still talking about the other four hospital deliveries) and that’s when I really became superfluous. In all four of our hospital births there would come a time during labor when Lynn would not want to hear from me or touch me. One time she actually told a nurse she wanted to hear her, not me, and wouldn’t let me touch her.

At the time I didn’t think it bothered me because I’d heard all the jokes about the wife in labor who blames her husband for doing that to her and all that. I think we tell those jokes just so we won’t have to seriously think about what’s going on around us in that delivery room, because if you stop and think about it, which I’ve done now thanks to Lynn, you’ll realize that in most cases the hospital delivery room is the last place you want to be to have a baby with your wife. Men, you would never let another man between your wife’s legs while she’s lying in bed half naked in your bedroom, right? Yet you give up that position when she’s in the hospital to have a baby and you don’t think twice. I think there is something wrong with that.”

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