Ana’s Birth Story – Mama’s Perspective

Ana, wife of Alex

My name is Ana. I have been married to my awesome hubbydoo, Alexander for 7 years. We have 5 boys, Alex ( 6), Sovran (5), Elihu (4), Enoch (3) and Abraham (almost 2 by the end of this month). Baby no.6 in on the way and he or she is due sometime in March or April. All my boys were born at home delivered by their super daddy.

How did I come up with a decision to do UC with the rest of my pregnancies after baby no.1? Here’s a brief story. Hubby and I took the Bradley Method childbirth class with our first pregnancy. We were taught during the class the importance of open communication. When my midwife asked me if she could have her assistant midwife present with her during my birth, I said Yes even though deep in my heart, I wanted to say No. This decision made a big impact to my labor and birth. The assistant midwife reminded me of a character in the first horror movie I had seen when I was a little child. In the movie, the character ate babies. And so the whole time I was in labor, I was so tensed and scared. When she would tell me to push my baby, I would look into her eyes and just remembered the horrible movie. I tried pushing for 2 hours on my back. Begged my husband to just send me to the hospital to get a C-sec because I was so tired and sleepy. I remembered telling my whole birth team (hubby, midwife, assistant midwife, doula (sister-in-law) and a friend) to please just cut me up and let me sleep. Hubby kicked everybody out of the room. While everybody was getting ready to pack and go to the hospital, I had one contraction and I felt the baby’s head dropped into my birth outlet. In less than 10 minutes, I birthed my healthy baby boy. I pushed him in all 4’s. He was posterior. It made sense why he wasn’t coming out when I was pushing him on my back. Thirty minutes after giving birth, hubby started discussing about the future pregnancies. I told him, I want to do it on my own.

3 months after giving birth with my first child, I got pregnant with baby no. 2. He came out 1 month early. I was so relax and calm this time around. I was even cooking my comfort food while I was in active labor. Nobody was telling me what to do. Hubby was an awesome birth coach. We called his younger sister to help us with the oldest child around 4 in the morning. She didn’t show up until 6:59AM. She walked in our living room, picked up our eldest and walked out the door. As soon as she shut the door closed, she heard a cry of a newborn baby. I remembered not pushing the baby at all. He came out on his own. It was a 4 hour labor and 0 minute pushing. If my sister in law showed up earlier, he would probably be out sooner. He was a month early than his EDD. But he weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces. After this awesome birth experiece, I never went back to hiring a midwife.

Baby no. 3 was 4 hours labor and weighed 9 pounds and came out on his EDD. Baby no. 4 was induced using nipple stimulation, 4 hours labor and weighed only 7 pounds. Baby no. 5 was a week late from his EDD. I was already in labor for 5.5 hours. I was wondering what’s going on. I had given birth 4 times before and I should be an expert in making labor go fast. I asked hubby to talk to my belly. Before he was done talking, we both noticed that my baby made a super big move inside. My guess was he was in breech position the whole time I was in labor. Every time I got up to walk, I felt little feet kicking my hip joint which made my legs went out of control. 30 minutes after the big flipped, baby came out. A healthy 8 pound baby boy. The four boys were present when I was pushing little Abraham out. They were so happy that it was a boy. They’d always pray for a baby brother. They asked to hold him immediately. I remember telling them, “Excuse me, I am the mother, can I hold him first for a while.” Up to this day, they are still so loving to Abraham. They are also very excited for baby. no. 6 (and of course they want a brother again.) I asked them don’t you want another woman in this family. And their response was, they are already content with just one woman in their life.

I viewed labor pain as a reminder to obey God all the time. I know it was an effect of our first parent’s disobedience. But I also believe that our God is so gracious that despite the punishment, I am about to receive a beautiful blessing, the baby.

Okay, I should stop. I could talk about birth for hours and hours. I love babies so much. I love helping other moms educate themselves about the natural process of childbirth.

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