Ambra’s Birth Story of EverLyse Amberly

Feb. 11th was my 20th wedding anniversary. I was also at 40 weeks 5 days and feeling sad. Usually with all but one birth I had given birth by 4 days late and here I was at 5 days past EDD and still no baby. But, I had a conception date also as I was charting and knew the day conception occured. This put my EDD at Feb. 12th.

My sweet friend Hope had come from Wy to be with me for my birth and she had to leave Friday morning. I was running out of time..

Wednesday Hope and I spent the day together with my children and then we headed out for lunch and to run a few errands. My love and I had plans to go out to supper for our anniversary.

Late afternoon shortly before my husband arrived home I was online researching some info about EPO and came across a recipe for a smoothie for induction using castor oil. I had used it twice with two other births. One it worked and one it did not. It was 3tsp. (1 TB) castor oil, heaping scoop almond butter, 1 cup apricot nectar & 1 cup water. It sounded doable and because my dh had checked me a few days before and I knew I was very dilated I decided to try it. I felt that my body just needed a small nudge to get things moving and had experienced a similar situation with baby #5.

After our anniversary supper my love and I went and purchased the ingredients for the castor oil smoothie and headed home. After arriving home to a sweet surprise of balloons and streamers hung up all over our home by my friend Hope and our children (and lots of hugs and tears on my part) I decided to make the smoothie. I drank the first smoothie at about 10:20pm. Castor oil can sometimes take a few hours to an entire day to have any affect so I was hoping that by the next day or within 24 hrs something would be happening. I also decided to make two batches, so at 11:40pm I drank another smoothie. I lovingly referred to these drinks as “poop juice” smile emoticon I had decided to not consume anymore then 2 TBSP as I wanted to avoid any issues with meconium staining.

At 11: 30 or so as I was getting ready to make the 2nd smoothie I noticed the braxton hicks ctx I had just had was beginning to feel more real. Within a short time I was in the potty and had a very hard and real ctx on the toilet. I decided to check for any show and if I had some I would wake my dh up who had went to bed about an hour earlier. Sure enough I had a small bit of bloody show.

My friend Hope took pictures of the clock so we would have the time and I am so thankful because everything happened so fast and was a blur from that point. I woke my love up at 12:15am. Every ctx was harder and different than the one before. Within 10 minutes I knew I could push if I wanted to but my sweet man was blowing up the pool and although I kept telling my friend Hope that I didn’t think I was going to make it to the pool I wanted to try if at all possible so I held off on pushing. The ctx continued coming every minute to minute and a half. They started this way and remained this way until her birth. They were also short ctx but intense and very hard. Each one harder than the one before. I could feel the ctx pushing her down and her head against my tailbone which was causing a lot of pain for me.

I ended up laboring in my bedroom and then mostly in the bathroom next to it. I had to potty often because the castor oil had taken affect but thankfully it was mild and never diarrhea.

My ctx had gotten very hard and I knew I could not wait any longer to push. I was sitting on the toilet and pushed mildly in between the next two ctx. And then I pushed harder with the next ctx after that. It was then my water broke and I could feel baby coming not far behind. My dh came in the bathroom then and I told him baby was coming and to forget the pool because there was no way I was going to be able to wait for it to fill up. I then had another ctx and had to tell my love I couldn’t talk to him anymore. He left the bathroom to quickly get the plastic for the floor for the baby’s delivery. I continued to push and felt baby crowning. I had to stop and breath a moment as it was hurting very badly and felt like I was being torn apart. I was hoping I wasn’t tearing. I was still pushing over the toilet which is where my water had broken also..(When I had told my dh that baby was coming and I was not delivering in the pool but instead the bathroom Hope had taken another picture of the clock and it was then 12:30am.) With the next hard push her head and with it some of her shoulders came flying out.. While pushing I was reminding myself I needed to stand up and grab baby before I pushed the rest of her body out. So as soon as she came out I stood up and put my hands on her head but before I could get a good grip on her, her body came flying out and landed in the toilet. I turned out and in came my friend Hope who had just looked in to check me and saw baby fall into the toilet. I grabbed her very quickly up and into my arms. Thankfully she fell into the toilet water on her back and was looking up at me…I grabbed her up and out and my friend Hope took her. It was then I saw that her cord had broken and had sprayed all over the bathroom walls, floor and curtains. My dh came into the bathroom right then having missed her rapid entrance into the world and we told him her cord broke. He had the forethought to clamp her cord and my oldest dd then held her while he tended to me. I remained leaning over the toilet in a standing position as I couldn’t move. My bottom hurt so badly. Around this time we realized baby came posterior and wow is my bum area sore!! Within 5 minutes the placenta was delivered and I then headed to my bed. My bleeding was much better than my previous births. I usually pass very large clots and bleed a tad bit more than normal but this time there were very few clots and much less blood. Hope and my love kept a close eye on the amount and I took the Wombstringe tincture as soon as the placenta came.

After the birth we then looked at Hope’s pictures of the time etc.. and realized baby girl’s birth was crazy fast. We are saying 25 minutes but it may have been more like 20 going by the pictures taken of the time…just crazy!! But by 12:35am I had a beautiful baby girl!! Chubby, short and sweet as can be!

I am still very sore and walking is slow but I am improving everyday. I plan to spend the first week in bed not doing much but reading and just resting. I have learned that resting is vital to healing and being able to get around in the months ahead.

EverLyse Amberly
9lbs. 2oz.
10th homebirth; 8th unassisted birth; 6th Vbac

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