Ashley’s Birth Story of Baby Annelyn

Those of you who were in this group when it was created may remember me saying that we were undecided whether to birth unassisted or to have my midwife there. After a lot of prayer we decided to have my midwife attend. God confirmed to me that I would not only learn a lot from her (my dream job is to be a doula and eventually a midwife) but that I was going to need the extra help (and I really did!) I also birthed at my momma’s house for a few reasons…. our place is too tiny to fit my birth pool, everything is packed in boxes for when we move and my mom wouldn’t have been able to stay to help me with the kids for more than a day.

So, if you would not like to read about a midwife assisted birth, stop here lol.

After 5 nights of prodromal labor, I decided to stop timing contractions because it was starting to drive me bonkers. After that 5th night I woke up feeling extra motivated to clean and move things around. My hubby joked that I was about to go into labor since I got a spurt of energy after lazing around for a week straight. That night I was surprised that there was no prodromal labor but didn’t think anything of it. I also had made cookie dough and we ate a few spoonfuls before bed. Bad idea! I was so nauseous the whole night but just tried to sleep as much as possible. Finally woke up at 5 am to my youngest son needing a drink and my middle son had peed the bed. Got them situated and was feeling like I was going to have to throw up and go number 2. But going number 2 took away the nausea. I had the tiniest bit of bloody show and knew I needed more rest if baby was coming. I crawled back into bed telling hubby it was baby day. He just sleepily said “ok let me know when you’re about to pop her out” lol.

I woke back up around 9am and laid there waiting for a contraction but didn’t feel anything. My hubby left to run errands just in case I went into labor. I decided I better get up and check for more bloody show and there was a lot! I had a couple contractions 12 minutes apart and could tell that they were labor contractions. I let my mom and hubby know it was baby day and got my kids ready to go.

We already had most of the birth things at my mom’s house. We headed towards my mom’s when my hubby got home and I called my midwife to let her know as well. My contractions were all over the place. The only thing consistent about them was that they were getting more intense. When we got to my mom’s it was about 12pm and I was starting to have to lean on something and breath through the contractions. I could tell things were going much faster than my two previous labors so I hopped in the shower in hopes of slowing it down a little but it actually started moving even faster. I labored on my hands and knees in the shower while my hubby timed contractions. They got down to 3 minutes apart so I had him call my midwife. She was already in the area and said she could tell by my texts that it was going quick and would be right over.

I was breathing through contractions kneeling next to my mom’s bed and starting to feel really emotional. It was going so fast that I was starting to dread feeling the pain of her coming out so I started praying for a break and my next contraction ended up coming after 8 minutes instead of 3. It was a little break but it was needed. I confessed to my hubby that I didn’t want to go through natural birth again and started to cry a little but he reassured and comforted me.

Hubby and my mom were setting up the pool and my midwife arrived and started setting up her things. She squeezed my feet during contractions (helped soooo much!) and reminded me to take two deep breaths in the beginning, breath through the contraction and take two deep breaths at the end (one for me, one for baby) it helped SO MUCH thinking about breathing for baby and not just myself. This was no time for a pity party. I was able to gather myself up and knew that this was temporary and I would surf right through it.

The pool was almost ready and she asked if I wanted to know how dilated I was. I took a few minutes to decide and ended up wanting to know. I was totally surprised that I was already at a 7. The only thing holding baby in was my waters. With every contraction, I felt baby move lower and lower. I thought my water might break before the pool was ready so we laid down bed pads and got the bedroom ready for baby just in case. But I knew I needed to birth in water so I refrained from moving around too much for the next couple contractions.

My midwifes assistant showed up and the pool was set up just in time. Contractions were about 1.5 minutes apart and the water helped me so much. During the contractions, I held onto my hubby’s hands while he prayed in my ear. And in between, we all talked, laughed and guessed at what time baby would be born. It was about 4pm and my hubby said she would be here by 4:30….I said no way! That was too fast!

My mom and sister took turns watching my kids and standing by the pool reminding me to breath and telling me how amazing I was doing. I could feel myself getting so tired and worn out. We decided to check me again and I was fully open so my midwife said I could start doing some little pushes with the next contraction if I wanted to. I tried but I was just too tired so I let my body do the work. It started moving so fast I felt like I was just along for the ride and held onto my hubby’s hands and pressed into him while my body pushed her out. Her head came out fast with one push from my body. I had another contraction and expected her shoulders to come out but I could tell I needed to move. I leaned back and she literally came shooting out! I wish I would have reached down to catch her but I was so exhausted and weak that I couldn’t so my midwife helped bring her up and to my chest so I could wrap my arms around her. Everyone was so overjoyed and saying “you did it!” We checked to see if we had heard the Lord correctly in Him telling us that this was our first daughter and sure enough, she was a she 🙂 I said “oh my gosh we actually have a baby girl!”

I nursed her while we waited for my placenta to be born and she latched right away. My placenta started to rise back up in my uterus so my midwife helped guide it down while I pushed. Finally it came out! Woohoo! I was done 🙂 we got out of the pool when it started to get cold. Hubby showed my grandpa and our kids the new addition while I got cleaned up. My midwifes assistant kindly made me a smoothie with a bit of my placenta in it before she left so I didn’t have to do it myself 🙂 We spent the rest of the day resting, eating sandwiches and getting to know our baby girl.

Baby Annelyn was born at 4:21pm weighing 8lbs 9oz♡ born before 4:30 just like my hubby said. I was 40+2 when I went into labor. My longest pregnancy so far. 🙂



Q: Can I ask what you meant by saying your placenta started to “rise back into your body”? And how did your midwife help it come out?

Ashley: My contractions were pushing it out at first but I ended up having a huge blood clot on it that was sort of blocking it from coming out without me pushing hard. She felt my tummy and could feel it at the top of my uterus after it had been more towards the bottom so she just held the cord down in the water and as I pushed she would move her hand up on the cord so that she wasn’t pulling but basically holding it where it was until I pushed again.

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