Amanda’s Birth Story of Judah

On November 22nd I had my regular weekly OB appointment at 2:30. We had several things to get done that day in Birmingham so we got there early and made our rounds at the mall and Babies r Us to get a few things we needed before the baby came, since I was due  in a little over a week (Nov 30th)! We got to my appointment and my blood pressure was a bit high, I had had some menstrual-like cramping a little through out the day and figured it was because of the pain, though I really wasn’t hurting all that bad. I went back to get my cervical check, as she was checking me her eyes got wide and said “your about a good 6 cm and 90% effaced, lets get you down to Labor and Delivery, you’re laboring.” I was very shocked even as they were wheeling me in I thought this was a big joke, and that they were going to tell me they were kidding lol.

I got to the room and was greeted by the sweetest nurse, I really wish I could remember her name, she was only there for an hour until her shift ended. I told her my desires about having a natural birth, and she was so encouraging, and told me about how she had her son naturally too, and made me feel like I could do it. I was intending on asking for a tub to labor in that day (you have to ask in advance) because I thought I had at least a week before baby came, but it was too late so for the next couple hours the hot shower and birthing ball were my BEST friends.

I tried to walk the halls at one point but there were a ton of people there that day because they were giving the expecting mothers a tour of the hospital, a lot of people were looking at me, and I really felt like I was making them uncomfortable so I went back to my room and stayed there. at around 6pm Dr. Adcock came  in and encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to be comfortable the he checked me while I was on the bed strapped to the monitors (every hour they checked me for 20 mins) I was 8cm and my bag of waters were bulging pretty bad and He asked if I wanted them broken or not and I chose NOT because laying on the bed is already the most painful position to be in while you’re laboring, and I knew the contractions would just get worse ( was definitely thinking more about the pain I was in at this point then getting this over with quicker lol).

I was glued to my birthing ball for the next hour before I got on the bed to be put back on th monitors and when I got up there my water broke and I was in so much pain at this point I just grabbed onto the rail infront of me and held on for dear life! My poor husband tried comforting me during this time and I was very mean to say the least 😛 before I knew it the room was filled with people doing there jobs, the NICU people where there because there was a little meconium present when my water broke and there were about 4 nurses with there hands all over me doing different things (two where pushing back on my legs for me since I didn’t want to let go of the rails to grab my legs myself) I remember so well feeling EXTREMELY irritated by people touching me, and I expressed how I felt by screaming at them to get there hands off me… I did this for the next 30 minutes while I pushed out my son.

He was born at 8:06 on November 22nd at 6lbs 13oz 19and 3/4 inches long! I thank God for my wonderful experience at Brookwood Medical Center even during my postpartum stay, everything went so well, and was even more than I hoped for!

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