Birth Video Of A Breech Baby

Breech birth seems to be widely searched on the Internet and information on a normal birth with a breech baby is getting more and more difficult to access.

Breech Baby? Normal Births Getting Scarce

Practitioners experienced in a birth with a woman who’s baby is breech are getting older and there is soon going to be nobody to pass on these skills. It seems the norm to pull out the baby using obstetric procedures that cause trauma and harm and then claim that the problems were incurred due to the breech birth instead of the care providers interventions. This was also part of the comments of the term breech trial.


Hospitals only offer a medicalized birth if you want to “attempt” this. Being active during your labour is really important and this is no different for breech births.

It’s important to know that your practitioner is experienced and confident and has the skills to remain hands off unless there is an extreme need to intervene.

I am lucky enough to have trained in a hospital in the UK where breech birth was seen as a variation of normal and at a time where midwives were considered the experts in normal midwifery practice (which of course they are).



<<To read more and to watch the video, click here>>

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