Breech A Variation Of Normal

alivia-18To me breech is a variation of normal. Well not only to me, 4% of babies are breech so it must be pretty normal to them too. There is fear and unknown surrounding this which all circles around the “term breech trial” which was extremely flawed and commented on at the time by people like Maggie Banks. Practitioners with no concept of birth as part of the normal life cycle were involved.

In a nut shell the trial recommended that the practitioners were experienced, however 26% of them hadn’t been at a breech and it was even used as a learning tool on occasions. It was also recommended that the birth was totally hands off to at least the umbilicus and then only acted on in complications; but this was totally ignored. Of course it had to be cancelled the medicalisation of childbirth never works. Please read the critique by Maggie who followed it closely.

My experience with breech goes back to my training. The hospital had a 9% c/s rate so most babies birthed well. I was involved with both twin and breech births as part of my experience with normal. I have only seen one very traumatic breech which was an extraction done by a frightened Registrar. This is not something I would allow my clients to be subjected to EVER.

Over the past 12 months alone I have attended 4 breech born babies in a variety of positions. This included 2 frank 2 flexed and part of the end of the year before I attended a beautiful footling breech.

Women’s journey to a breech birth are often convoluted and very interesting. This really shouldn’t be needed but we are fed fear around breech even before pregnancy and unwinding the tangle to realising that it is just a birth, often takes lots of time and soul searching.

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