Frank Breech Birth Video

Here is a fantastic video of a frank Breech taken last week.

This woman had an unusual journey into homebirth. She lives in rural Australia and had to come into the city to birth so had booked the birth centre. A few trips and hours driving each time for all the testing etc as the baby is breech. At 36 weeks the hospital attempted a cephalic version (which is successful about 30% of the time on primigravid women.) and it failed, so she was told that she had no choice but to book a ceasarian section. When she questioned this saying her choice would be to birth normally she was told that it would be fine if she wanted a brain damaged baby.

Having no home in the city but staying with her family she got in touch with me to help her with facilitating a normal birth at the hospital. The first thing we did was change hospitals and go and talk to the midwife in charge of labour ward and a sympathetic Ob. We negotiated clinic and made a birth plan and gave it to the ob. He was clear that he was very supportive to the woman’s request but if he wasn’t on duty he couldn’t guarantee the same reception from all, he even went as far as to say there were some you definitely wouldn’t want to be there.

Once she felt relaxed she went into labour. I don’t normally help women at hospital because of the awful atmosphere but I hadn’t had too much time to build up a relationship with this woman so I was happy with the plan. We went to the house to help her with labour until it was time to transfer to the hospital.

When that time came She didn’t want to move. We had a beautiful homebirth.

ETA someone suggested I had hands on this birth. I assure everyone that The only part of the baby I touched is the cord. Other than that it was only the mother that I touched while the baby was birthing. Oh and falling forward as being born is NORMAL.

<<To watch the video, click here>>

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