Mechanism of breech

Once more I am  compelled to write about Breech.  After the  study proving vaginal breech to be as safe as a section  you’d think the whole world would be back on board.  After all it only took a matter of months after the flawed Hannah trial for almost every Obstetrician to be convincing women that a major operation was safer than a normal birth.  But NO.  In Australia at least it is worse than ever and with the NHMRC guides saying that only “singleton cephatic 37 to 42 weeks with no other complications” should stay home, they could not be trying any harder to stamp out normal, unhindered birth in all it’s variation of normal.

You can find lots of other breech posts on this blog but I would once again like to talk you through the mechanism of a Breech birth.

Most important rule is HANDS OFF THE BREECH no matter how tempting it is just to pull on that leg DON’T.  It’s the easiest way to create nuchal arms and a completely deflexed head.  When you pull on the leg you create a morro reflex in the baby.

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