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“Giving birth or give birth?”  This phrase has taken his popularity in Quebec in the 1980s, is it still relevant? For Rachel who chose to give birth by herself, YES, “birth or give birth” is the foundation of his vision from birth. And since we made ​​it very clear qu’accoucher hospital was accepting SE give birth, she did her research, has informed debunked childbirth and chose to give birth to her son very place where it was designed …

Interview with Rachel,

mother of an only child, born at home without medical assistance (ANA)

Q: People in general have never heard of free birth (another term for ANA), you knew people who had given birth in the family?

Rachel: No! In the beginning of my pregnancy, I read the story of a woman who has made an ANA (unassisted childbirth) and I said, “Ouch, that’s extreme donation bin. Each for himself, but it’s not for me! ”

And then I started reading about the interventions, about the protocols, about women unhappy that their delivery was their “stolen” by doctors, about the rights of pregnant women …

And I’m shocked. My feminist side has completely proceeded, finally. I have all the time been a feminist, but I did not know how to talk about – but there, I found my cause.

Q: And deliver with your lover, home, made you afraid? Did not you afraid your baby dies at birth?

Rachel: No, at all. I knew the risks were greater than myself I die on my way to the hospital (because the vehicle) my baby dies because of a home birth. (1)

But I am ready to accept the death that is part of the possibilities. I did not want a perfect delivery, without any risk, I wanted a clean delivery to us.

“I do not make my choices thinking of my fears, but thinking of my hopes” (2)

Q: How does one prepare for such an event?

Rachel: I wanted the material used for delivery is minimal. What I used during delivery is a hot water bottle and a plastic sheet. After, lots of towels, two bottles to water the perineum, a mixture of herbs and a candle to cut the umbilical cord.

Question mental, physical and spiritual preparation, I got softly. I practiced letting go. I kept a great curiosity for what my body was doing and I was trying not to interfere in one way or another. I surrendered to nature, wild, knowledge millennium and universal women. I trusted in my body to do what it should do, simply.

I practiced the relaxation all, including the mind. I read everything I could: testimonials, technical books, spiritual books, statistics, facts, books to clear my head. I inquired of the risks and I fully accepted them.

Each day, I fed my body good food, patience, understanding, acceptance, support. I was talking about childbirth to my spouse, my expectations, my hopes. I listened to my primal instincts, one that is so quiet. Although I was mentally lucid throughout, I was not thinking about my body, I let him do what he wanted.

Q: And your spouse, it was comfortable to take the role of “midwife” for a night?

Rachel: My husband says he does not deserve “Congratulations” (when some people say to her: “. Congratulations, Dr. Papa”), that only made the household and he does not understand why People make such a big event.

The “letting go” is the most complicated for some people who want to help too or who panic and want “their wives no longer suffer.”

It’s pretty amazing to have men like this in our lives.

Q: Research has shown that a woman who gives birth releases the same hormones during sex. (3)   Do you see a link between sexuality and childbirth?

Rachel: Absolutely. For me, childbirth and even breast feeding is part of sexuality. In all cases, there is an orgasm (hopefully two, but that’s not always the case), pregnancy, childbirth and, hopefully, breastfeeding for at least 2 years. All this is sexual. It secretes oxytocin affection for the partner, in orgasm, in birth and to breastfeed. In fact, I “prepared” childbirth in several sessions with my vibrator. Orgasm is a series of spasms of the uterus and childbirth is the same, the more intense sense. I tried masturbation during my delivery, but unfortunately it did not work for me. There were already so many intense feelings that I could not concentrate! Orgasmic birth may be a next time!

Also, a woman must be put in the same conditions as those having an orgasm: sense of security, not feeling ‘observed’ confident ‘in a bubble’ minimal vocabulary, privacy, etc .. Imagine try to have an orgasm while someone feels you to see how many centimeters the cervix is? Breastfeeding is the same: the woman should feel comfortable, supported, in a good environment … these are all essential things for the success of orgasm, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Q: In ancient societies, it is generally expected that the placenta was born and the baby breathing well before cutting the umbilical cord. (4) This is a trick that you knew? You have applied?

Rachel: I was not much information about the placenta until I read the book ‘placenta book’ Robin Lim. In this book, there is not only the historical aspect, but also spiritual and physiological. The ritual of burning the cord with a candle comes from this book. I had never really thought deeply about what was for me the placenta. But in reality, it can be seen as the genetic twin of the baby carrier intelligent of all nutrients and essential for pregnancy, in every sense. I really wanted to honor this aspect of birth that, nowadays, is almost not mentioned.

So yes, I read these facts only days before the birth of my son and I assured myself that alle baby before weaning the cord into compliance. Other  tricks of this book: If the baby has difficulty, is not strong enough at birth, stimulating the placenta massage and heat could make a last vitality of the placenta to the child – Also, in case of bleeding, testimonials to eat a piece of raw placenta …

Thank you very much for Rachel this rich sharing and congratulations.

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