The Birth Set Free Project

Hello freebirthers and those learning more about it! Sorry this is long (hence the blog entry), but I think you’re gonna want to read it! I’ve got something for you, and I would SO love your participation!

As some of you may have seen me or Desirae post on Facebook, we have been working on a freebirth project and we just released the e-magazine today, and the podcast is in the works as editing is being done! We can’t keep providing these resources without freebirth experiences! Would you be willing to get involved so someone else can learn, be inspired, and be awed from your experience?

You can email us your freebirth story for the magazine (500-2000 words and a few pictures if you like), or send your recorded birth story on in to be included on the podcast (contact info down below). ALSO we have had the honor of having our magazine translated to Spanish, which will be released very soon as well! A huge thanks to Selma for her hard work in making that an option for the Spanish speaking folks!

The first edition of the e-magazine has 90 pages of stories and articles, as well as freebirther business ads/promotion, and freebirth supportive birthkeepers and midwives! Lots of freebirth goodness! A new issue will be offered every couple of months! We’ve priced it affordably at $5, so we hope you’ll grab one and enjoy!

If you’d like to get involved in any of the ways shared above, reach out! We’d love to feature you in the magazine and you will get a free copy of the issue your story is in!

To reach us:

Our Email:
Our Facebook Page:
Our Instagram Account: @birthsetfreeproject
To Purchase the E-Magazine:
To Record for and/or Listen to Podcast:

We’d like to feature all sorts of freebirthing experiences so we can all share our stories as well as learn from each other. So if you’ve had any of the following, please consider sharing your story. Anonymity is always an option as well, if you prefer!

  • First Freebirths
  • Spiritual
  • Various Religions (or a specific religion depending on how many entries)
  • Multiples
  • Single mom by choice
  • Necessary/unnecessary transfer
  • Non-textbook
  • Breech
  • Late term
  • Early term
  • Large babies
  • Small babies
  • UBAC
  • LGBTQ+
  • Premature birth
  • Partner perspectives
  • Asynclitic/dystocia
  • Planned freebirth
  • Unplanned freebirth
  • Car birth
  • Outdoor birth
  • Freebirth loss/stillbirth
  • Birth elsewhere other than home
  • Waterbirth
  • Lots of Prodromal Labor
  • Prolonged Labor
  • Precipitous Births
  • Geriatric (“advanced” maternal age)
  • Grand Multi Para
  • Postpartum Transfer after a Freebirth
  • Siblings Present
  • Non-Textbook
  • Emergency Situations Addressed in-home

Had one that’s not on the list?
We want to hear it!

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