About Kristi, Founder of Wit’nLove Birth Services

Hi everyone! I’m Kristi Whitten, the developer of Wit’nLove Birth Services. I’m a mother of eight, an author, an artist, a Doula/Birthkeeper, and a Licensed Independent Minister. My passion lies in many things, and namely in serving birthing families.

As a freebirther, I have learned so much about birth and truly love everything about it. In addition to my love for unassisted birth, I love to learn from and minister to others as I pursue Christ; I love supporting relationships, whether it be to maintain a stable and secure connection and line of communication, or to support the struggling couples as well (including providing resources to get help in cases of domestic violence).

My husband and I married in 2003 and soon after, began growing our family. I gave birth to our first two children in the hospital, five of our children were born at home without the presence or assistance of a medical attendant, and I had an unassisted miscarriage with our eighth child. It’s the support of several freebirthing women that helped me over the years to be confident, educated, and safe in my own birthing journey that has led me to where I am today, which is with a desire to help others in the same way I received.

Art has become another way I can serve and support others. Around the time of my miscarriage in May 2020, I discovered my love for digital art which became an outlet that helped me work through my loss. Through happenstance, I began offering custom pieces for others who were also on their own journey of healing and continue to offer this service for anyone who is interested.

It is my sole desire is to be a vessel that helps others discover and manifest what they are truly capable of; be it the power they hold within, their ability to overcome, process through struggles, or simply learn to be present in their lives. I am available to those who desire to grow, however that looks for each person and I look forward to whatever comes next!

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