What is a Birthkeeper?

As a Birthkeeper/Doula, I am a servant to the pregnant, birthing, and postpartum person, providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support. Such support during this part of life is provided in addition to education and advocacy through evidence-based information, allows the people I serve the ability to make an informed risk/benefit analysis of their options, and ultimately an educated choice for their own family that they can be confident in. I support birthing families virtually, via phone, text, messenger, and/or video chat (whichever is their preference), at the location of their choosing and with their chosen birth support (be it assisted or unassisted).

Additionally, as a Birthkeeper, it is my goal to keep the space surrounding each birth be sacred, safe, and undisturbed. As a virtual Birthkeeper, I do this by helping the birthing person discover the power that is within them if they do not already know it’s there so they know their worth and value to expect nothing less for themselves. I’m a bodyguard of sorts, taking a stand to promote and protect emotional and mental wellness; protecting the primal process of growing, nurturing, and bringing forth life, which only those with a womb were created for.

The word Doula is from the Greek word meaning servant and as such, I take that very seriously as what role I carry while supporting birthing families through the pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. I do NOT provide medical care or perform clinical tasks; I am educated through the Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeepers Academy of Learning Certification Program, as well as 13 years of research and study, and 7 births of my own, 5 of them unassisted.

I am a professional support person that is trained in the needs of the family and I offer empathetic support, guidance, evidence based education, and practical hands-off support from pregnancy and through the first year postpartum at the preference of the mother. I am able to share my own personal experiences in alternative health choices, such as plant based foods, and intuitive self-care unique to my own personal circumstances.

I do not make decisions for my clients, in fact, my sole desire is to help my clients make wholly informed and fully confident choices as they walk out their own birthing journey.  I am not tied down to any scope of practice like some Doula’s have; I’m a woman first, serving other people to the best of my ability in the full extent of the law. I am available in whatever way my client would like in what areas I’m educated in.