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Virtual & Local Support & Services Available!

Services Description:

Updated: 09/2020

👉 Free Consultation & Interview 🤝
An opportunity to get to know each other and discuss general birth plans, estimated due date availability, share experience, etc., and ultimately determine if you’d like to hire me as your birth support.

👉 Pregnancy Support🤰
Local pregnancy support services includes four prenatal visits up to two hours each, with discussion on expectations of birth, as well as creation of the of birth plan, discussion of fears and anxieties, cover ways of addressing challenges, etc.
Includes unlimited texts/messages, as well as ministerial support
at no additional cost if interested.
Payment due prior to pregnancy support.

👉 Labor & Postpartum Support🤱
The labor & postpartum support services include 24/7 availability after 36wks, information for risk/benefit analysis, pain management, emergency transfer support, postpartum concerns, etc.
Includes unlimited texts/messages, as well as ministerial support
at no additional cost if interested.
Payment due by 36wks.

👉 Trauma Informed Ministerial Spiritual Support 🙏
(Included with Pregnancy/Birth Services at No Additional Cost)
Where I’m a Birthkeeper as well as a Licensed Independent Minister with independent study and experience on trauma such as domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, emotional neglect and misattunement, PTSD, etc., I’m also able to offer clients spiritual support through scriptural understanding, prophetic prayer, Biblical counsel on a multitude of topics, as well as Christian Ministerial Counseling Services for those who have an interest towards working through specific barriers in preparation for their birthing and postpartum experience. Additionally, as an artist, I offer trauma work through art, rewriting the narrative of traumatic experiences through pieces that take one’s power back from which it was taken; up to five pieces included.
Available for anyone, not just pregnant/birthing clients.
Payment due upon receipt.

👉Trauma Work Via Art 🎨
(Five Pieces Included with Pregnancy/Birth Services
and/or Ministerial Counseling at No Additional Cost)
Rewrite the narrative of traumatic experiences through pieces that take one’s power back from which it was taken. For example, this can be by drawing a family photo with an abuser removed, drawing an experience and adding a family member who passed away, or drawing the birth as you envisioned, etc. These help to bring closure and healing in various ways.
Payment due within 14 days of request.

👉 À La Carte Services Available 👏
(Pick and Choose Which Services You Prefer)
This is a great option for those who are only interested in one aspect of support.

👉 Choose All Services – Discount Offered 🙌
Selecting this package includes the virtual and/or local services of pregnancy, labor, & postpartum support, art counseling, and ministerial support all at a discounted rate. If you aren’t sure and start with á la carte services, the cost will be adjusted accordingly and will be issued after postpartum visits are completed.

Interested in Virtual or Local Services? Fill out the form below for more information and to schedule a FREE consultation & interview!

What is a Birthkeeper & Doula?

If you’re interested in becoming a certified Birthkeeper/Doula through Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeeper Academy of Learning (H.E.R.B.A.L) use this affiliate link!

What is a Birthkeeper/Doula?

A Doula is a female servant to the pregnant, birthing, and postpartum person. Providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support, Doulas are a resource for educating birthing people and their support team, as well as holding space as they encounter their own power.

A Birthkeeper is a Doula who also keeps the space surrounding each woman sacred, safe, and undisturbed. She’s a bodyguard of sorts, taking a stand to protect bodily autonomy and the primal process of growing, nurturing, and bringing forth life.

As a Birthkeeper & Doula, I’m now available to support people virtually, at the hospital or in the home, unassisted or with a medical attendant; I support the first time parent or the parent of many; I will stand with the one in need of a cesarean and the one planning a vaginal birth after a cesarean; and while I’m still learning ways to better support others from varying cultures and life experiences, my desire is provide support for all birthing people regardless of race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves respect, support, and to be treated with dignity.


I have seven children. Carrying them in my womb, birthing them, and guiding them through each milestone has been the sweetest and most challenging gift. Being this role in their lives is the greatest contribution to my drive to become a Doula and Birthkeeper. I’ve experienced the sacrifice firsthand. The beauty in sacrifices is that they transform. Sacrifice transforms into treasure.


I became a certified Doula & Birthkeeper because I love supporting families on their journey of bringing their babies from the womb to loving arms. It is an honor to provide emotional, physical, and informational support throughout pregnancy, through labor & birth, and into the postpartum and transitional period. Every family deserves a safe, sacred space to bring their babies armside. It’s my desire to provide such support, keeping the birth space a place of peace, calm, and empowerment.


When I began birthing unassisted, my greatest support has always been my husband. Even with my assisted births, I only wanted my husband near me. He reminds me what I’m made of, he encourages me in my power, he holds me up, he holds my hand, he listens, and he pays attention; he’s present. I love how intently he looks at me as I work through challenges I face. This type of support is what everyone deserves. This is my drive for supporting women in birth – standing in where there is no support or fostering a space that allows partners to be the support that is needed.

Interested in getting your Birthkeeper & Doula Certification? Check out H.E.R.B.A.L. (Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeepers Academy of Learning)!