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Mama Birth: Birth Stories

Mama BirthGuest Birth Story: Unassisted Home Birth After 2 C-sections

“I got back in the tub and went back into myself. I got silent again. After a while, my feet starting getting numb, so I got on hands and knees and it was INTENSE. I got out of the tub and went potty. All of a sudden the contractions were super intense! I couldn’t continue being silent. I worked really hard to breathe through them, but I was pushing too! I couldn’t believe it because the baby had still been high.”

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Stacy’s Story– 10 Lbs., 5 Oz.– Unassisted Birth After Five Cesareans

“Description of your birth experience:
Confident and Motivated

How did you feel after the birth (first month)?
Joyful, sore, healed

What did you learn from this birth?
That there is nothing wrong with my body, and in fact, it is AMAZING!

Any words of wisdom to impart?
Don’t listen to doctors when they tell you that your baby will not fit through your pelvis…”

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