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Amanda’s Birth Story of Judah

On November 22nd I had my regular weekly OB appointment at 2:30. We had several things to get done that day in Birmingham so we got there early and made our rounds at the mall and Babies r Us to get a few things we needed before the baby came, since I was due  in a little over a week (Nov 30th)! We got to my appointment and my blood pressure was a bit high, I had had some menstrual-like cramping a little through out the day and figured it was because of the pain, though I really wasn’t hurting all that bad. I went back to get my cervical check, as she was checking me her eyes got wide and said “your about a good 6 cm and 90% effaced, lets get you down to Labor and Delivery, you’re laboring.” I was very shocked even as they were wheeling me in I thought this was a big joke, and that they were going to tell me they were kidding lol.

I got to the room and was greeted by the sweetest nurse, I really wish I could remember her name, she was only there for an hour until her shift ended. I told her my desires about having a natural birth, and she was so encouraging, and told me about how she had her son naturally too, and made me feel like I could do it. I was intending on asking for a tub to labor in that day (you have to ask in advance) because I thought I had at least a week before baby came, but it was too late so for the next couple hours the hot shower and birthing ball were my BEST friends.

I tried to walk the halls at one point but there were a ton of people there that day because they were giving the expecting mothers a tour of the hospital, a lot of people were looking at me, and I really felt like I was making them uncomfortable so I went back to my room and stayed there. at around 6pm Dr. Adcock came  in and encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to be comfortable the he checked me while I was on the bed strapped to the monitors (every hour they checked me for 20 mins) I was 8cm and my bag of waters were bulging pretty bad and He asked if I wanted them broken or not and I chose NOT because laying on the bed is already the most painful position to be in while you’re laboring, and I knew the contractions would just get worse ( was definitely thinking more about the pain I was in at this point then getting this over with quicker lol).

I was glued to my birthing ball for the next hour before I got on the bed to be put back on th monitors and when I got up there my water broke and I was in so much pain at this point I just grabbed onto the rail infront of me and held on for dear life! My poor husband tried comforting me during this time and I was very mean to say the least 😛 before I knew it the room was filled with people doing there jobs, the NICU people where there because there was a little meconium present when my water broke and there were about 4 nurses with there hands all over me doing different things (two where pushing back on my legs for me since I didn’t want to let go of the rails to grab my legs myself) I remember so well feeling EXTREMELY irritated by people touching me, and I expressed how I felt by screaming at them to get there hands off me… I did this for the next 30 minutes while I pushed out my son.

He was born at 8:06 on November 22nd at 6lbs 13oz 19and 3/4 inches long! I thank God for my wonderful experience at Brookwood Medical Center even during my postpartum stay, everything went so well, and was even more than I hoped for!

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Amanda’s Hospital Birth Story of Hadassah

It seemed as if I had been up a million times to use the restroom that night and here I am awake at almost 4am going AGAIN! I am Certain my unborn princess was squeezing my bladder 🙂 I got back in the bed trying not to wake my husband and while I was trying to get settled (it’s hard to do when your tummy is the size of a beach-ball) I felt a trickling down my legs… WHAT?! I just went! Why am I peeing on myself?! -yes peeing on yourself happens to pregnant women for those who don’t know 😉 any how I stood up trying my hardest to stop the flow by crossing my legs VERY tightly but as soon as I stood up it was like a dam broke! I ran to the restroom with my legs still crossed (and soaked) and sat down and the flow was still not SLOWING down! I thought to myself “my word, how much did I have to drink last night?” Then it occured to me that I should probably look at the color… it was weird… clear with chunks of floating white things (which I later found out was vernix that had been covering my baby girl during my pregnancy) I really thought nothing of it and tried to go back to sleep but Joey was awake now and asked me what was wrong. When I told him it wasn’t long before the hospital was waiting on us!

I am pretty sure that was the LONGEST trip to Birmingham I have ever made. It was about 5am no cars were on the road and things were looking a lot more peaceful than what I was feeling at this time. The contractions started very strongly when we got in the car and nothing I could do would make me comfortable. I was a little worried since I had a very fast delivery with my first and the second was supposed to be even quicker. we finally made it to the hospital right around 6am. Dr. Adcock was on call (he had delivered my firstborn) so that was really good news to me! He let everyone involed know that I was pretty much able to do what ever I wanted and to leave me alone unless I wanted otherwise (yay for awesome OBs) My nurse checked my cervix and I was 1cm. ONE!!! I was in this much pain at 7cm with my son! dlkgmdsfgmkkoprn!!!! I was really nervous because I only had 24 hours to get this baby out (starting at 1) before medical intervention was “needed”. My mother was called to pick up my son who had been growing weary of this adventure. My doula was on her way and all I could think was this is going to be a long hard ride…

By 9am I was almost 5cm-done with the first phase of labor, which was AMAZING news to a momma who no longer had amniotic fluid to cusion her contractions, yup at this time I was feeling it FULL Force. I remember the pain very well… It was radiating into my thighs and no matter what I did or any trick my doula could think of it was  excruciating. I had been switching between walking taking a shower and rocking in the rocking chair to relieve the pain up until I was about 7cm. I knew the Lord was my strength and I COULD do this but boy it was hard stuff. At this point I was just plain exauhsted- I know I’m a pansy, momma’s have labored for a lot longer than this! I had to lie in bed now! I had a bar across my bed with a scarf tied to it to pull up when a contraction came. I was very very very annoyed with everything right about this time and was being asked a million questions by the student nurse that I let observe, yeah… I finally just stopped answering her :p I had the most wonderful nurse named Mykensie too- Just thought I’d let you know 😉

It was about 12:45 and things started changing my contractions were a lot closer together but not as painful but now all the pain was well you know. I started “bearing down” and told my Doula to get my nurse! She ran after her and the nurse came in and said it was getting close but to call her when I felt like I needed to push. Not a minute after she left I yelled at my doula to get my nurse because I was about to push this baby out! My nurse came back in and checked me and sure enough it was time to call the doctor in! These last few minutes all my focus was on getting this baby out!

I pushed twice and my sweet girl’s head was out. Dr. Adcock told me to stop pushing because the umbilical cord was strangaling her. He cut it and I pushed one more time and she was born at 12:55! There was not the warm and fuzzy feeling I expected though… she wasn’t breathing. I cried silently so I could hear what all was going on with her. The Nicu was in there to giver her oxygen and stimulate her to breathe. A few minutes later I saw her tiny chest move up and down PRAISE HIM!  I could smile now. She was so beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get my arms around her. When they placed her in my arms… I really don’t know what to say but that it was perfect and beautiful. after the doctor sewed me up -I had a pretty nasty tear, Judah came in to meet his sister. My husband stood beside me, my sweet 15 month old boy in the bed beside me and my daughter in my arms while our DOCTOR prayed with us as we blessed the Lord for his mercies and grace. It was pretty much the best day of my life… so far 😉


March 9, 2013 12:55pm

7lbs 5oz 20″ of sweetness

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