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Services Provided (Upon Request) Include:

Custom Art Pieces
Available Now

I create art pieces for those who have lost loved ones, found their own power in birth, triumphed in breastfeeding, removed toxic people from their lives, began new business ventures, and embraced their self-worth. The art I create conveys a story that the buyer wants to tell. 

Childbirth Education
& Birth Stories (Blog)

Available Now

A compilation of stories, information, and encouragement regarding safe, intuitive, empowering birth experiences.

Trauma Informed
Ministerial Support

Available Now

I offer support for those desiring to do the work for themselves in all areas of life. That can be in birth, in marriage, in parenting, in their spiritual journey, and through grief or trauma work. It’s essentially my goal to help others help themselves.  

Prophetic Prayer
& Words of Knowledge

Available Now

I offer prophetic prayer and words of knowledge for those interested; regardless of one’s faith. It is a spiritual gift and I prefer to use it to help others in any way it can.

Local Unassisted Childbirth Support Serving Central Maine
Available Now

From my research, since 2003, that helped me pursue two hospital births, five freebirths, and one unassisted miscarriage, I offer my knowledge, support, and encouragement through pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. It’s my desire to to serve birthing families, providing a variety of resources to arm birthing people to have a safe, memorable, and empowering experience.

Unassisted Childbirth:
Online Education Classes
Coming Soon

I will be providing an online freebirth education class with one on one support, to help someone seeking to freebirth.

Pre-Marital & Marriage
Ministerial Counseling
Coming Soon

I will be providing ministerial counseling to couples seeking support in their covenant commitments and in preparation for the future. Topics will include communication, friendship, trauma/healing, budgeting, sex, childbirth education, and more.

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